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MADD/Energy is committed to whole-heartedly supporting, developing and adhering to the standards of Saudi Arabia’s National Energy Agenda, which specifies that approximately 40% of electricity be produced from secondary or other alternative green energy sources.

business man checks system with laptop computerWhether solar, wind or other alternative environmentally-friendly energy sources, F6 Holding has established a holding company, MADD/Energy, to coordinate a proactive business agenda in this economic sector. With enormous future potential, green energy sources will eventually come to dominate the economic sector in years to come. Our goal is to advance ahead of the future by introducing companies to the investment potential of developing renewable energy sources in Saudi Arabia. Investing into alternative or renewable sources of energy not only will have a positive social and environmental impact, but provides opportunities for achieving energetic independence, new job creation, economic growth and boosting a company’s global marketable image. MADD/Energy rests its foundation on a solid pillar of financial expertise, commercial negotiation, large-scale business development and massive alternative energy development. MADD-Energy will allow stockholders to realize a project from its early conceptual stage to national or global commercialization by effective linking, coordination and management at all steps.