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MADD/Health aims to provide services to meet the needs and demands of families in the Kingdom who are considering extracting, storing and securing the umbilical cord blood stem cells from their newborn child. MADD/Health is planning to deliver high quality medical services for treating over 80 major illnesses via stem cell applications. These services will be applicable only to matched donors. Some of the major illnesses and diseases that can be tackled via the application of stem cell research include blood diseases such as leukemia and disorders as sickle cell anaemia and beta thalassemia.

Around the world, there are hundreds of clinical stem cell research trials underway. Stem cell applications offer the promise for treatments and cures for heart disease, strokes, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease and muscular dystrophy among just a few. The potential of stem cells seems present endless possibilities. Many scientists and medical experts believe that there will monumental breakthroughs in the future which will allow individual’s access to his or her own stored stem cells. This particular field, now regarded as regenerative medicine, offers the hope of developing future treatments and potential cures for some of the most debilitating diseases. An individual will be able to restore their health via the application of their own personal stem cells is a groundbreaking medical vision.


MADD/Health is introducing Virgin Health Bank services that represent a unique and innovative approach to cord blood stem cell storage. Our fundamental goal in this sphere is to make outstanding contributions to advancing medical research and therapeutics.

Cord blood (umbilical cord) stem cell banking is permitted under Islamic law and there are several fatwas supporting this medical area.

MADD/Health aims to empower families in the Kingdom to make informed decisions about storing their baby cord blood stem cell by providing them with accurate and honest information. We not only offer detailed information about the entire process but present an opportunity for parents to make a positive choice for their child’s future. MADD/Health will present parents with all the facts necessary for them to make an informed decision, thus contributing to the drive of medical research to find cures for serious illnesses.

MADD/Health is currently engaged with securing partnerships with the Kingdom’s leading hospitals to work closely with physicians and nurses to ensure that cord blood collection conforms to all best medical practices, ethics and techniques. The collection of umbilical cord blood stem cells can only take place in the immediate aftermath after a baby has been born and no later.