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Information and communication services are seen as a crucial foundation of any knowledge-based company or national economy.

Whether economically, educationally, culturally or any other social activity, MADD/Tech was established to present a wide range of applicable information and communication services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

From advanced IT services to business-process outsourcing (BPO) and data communication services, our focus is to provide maximum results to meet our client’s goals.

Our professional team of managers, technology and communication experts, work to encompass all crucial aspects of project development from its inception to implementation through innovative, creative and effective approaches.


MADD/Tech delivers value-driven, integrated communications solutions to enterprises, service providers and consumers.

MADD/Tech provides its clients a complete package including customized applications/solutions and managed technical support for operating and maintaining any system and infrastructure.

MADD/Tech has access to informed market forecasts as well as insight into emerging new technologies  that are designed to help our clients target current trends and allowing them to take advantage of the latest business opportunities.

MADD/Tech experts always continuously monitor all enterprise communications, communication services, conferences, collaboration activities, mobile or wireless communications as well as IT applications, IT services and network security markets in order to keep you competitive.

Recently MADD/Tech initiated a significant business partnership with HCL India for extending its IT services into the region. Pooling resources with HCL allows serving our clients with leading, competitive global Technology and IT enterprises service, with over 35 years of experience in:

Application consulting,
Remote infrastructure management,
BPO services,
IT hardware,
System integration,
Distribution of technology and
Telecom products.

HCL team comprises 93,000 professionals of diverse nationalities, operating across 31 countries and this alliance will allow us to significantly expand our clients’ reach all over the globe.


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