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Turbocharged Logistics, Management and Consulting by F6 Holding ….

Our simple formula for success is: Care, Connection, Communication and Creativity

F6 Holding Cares

We aim to provide outstanding client support and provide dedicated, proven and innovative services to propel you on the road to success! We want to grow together with our clients and always aim to effectively position our clients for maximum results.

By paying attention to the all the details, whether major or minor, we always keep a larger picture in mind, helping you target your ultimate goals, increase competitiveness on the market and play a deciding factor in your success story, which will be our success.

F6 Holding Connects

With an unrivaled resource network and access to a global logistical network. Through our connections we are able to provide each and every one of our individual business partner with complete, comprehensive and coordinated services to advise and assist you with every relevant aspect of marketing your product/services to your target clients. Our services will free your time, minimize long-term investment and extricate the hassle caused by managing the finer details of any enterprise. Our goal is to allow you to focus exclusively on achieving your ultimate goal by taking stress out of the equation.

F6 Holding Communicates

With our clients and partners because we believe that communication is the key to success of any business endeavor. Properly arranging, coordinating, tracking and managing meetings, communicating effectively with participants by taking advantage of proven business negotiation strategies in addition to conveying the correct information is crucial for marketing our business partners’ product/services.

F6 Holding implements only effective communication and information management techniques while taking advantage of all resources at our disposal, to ensure that our business partners obtain maximum results!

F6 Holding Creativity

Innovation is the very heart of our core business strategy.

We understand that our business partners desire new methods, techniques and applications in order to stand out from the competition. Our solutions are not generic, one-time approaches as provided by the competition. We aim to create an experience for our business partners in order to bring them to the next level on a global scale. F6 Holding hires only experienced professionals to provide cutting edge ideas, solutions and strategies to boost you onto an international level.

Let us worry about the small details so that you can dream big!