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F6 Holding was established in 2004 with the purpose of providing exclusive management and investment services in the hospitality and lifestyle industry all around the world. Our initial activities focused on providing world-class management services for professional sports organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and effective career guidance for young Saudi athletes.

F6 Holding was established and developed from the belief that the athletic potential of Saudi youth is inexhaustible, but requiring guidance, support and diligent management. We are dedicated to nurturing talent as well as successfully promoting privatized sports organizations in the Kingdom with outstanding, well-endowed facilities and a wide range of diverse offers for sports fans.

In 2009, F6 Holding launched its Sport Management & Investment division to realize these goals as a mark of our mission statement.

In 2010, F6 Holding further expanded to accommodate the growing potential of the region and achieve global recognition. Our experience in the field of management, logistics and consulting has allowed us to gradually take our services to the next level – an international presence.

Sports competitions have become increasingly privatized and professionalized all over the world, requiring expert guidance, logistics support and organizational acumen. F6 Holding realizes that our services are in high demand and our goal is to prove that we are able to operate across all borders with a high level of expertise to provide exceptional client support.

In 2013, F6 Holding established MADD as a foundation for the provision of professional, logistics, management and consulting in the sphere of Information Technology and Communication, health management, energy, and service sectors to contribute to the nation’s development in these key areas of modern information technology.