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F6 Holding Business Sectors

F6 Holding has established holdings in each respective business sector to form long-term partnerships with premier international and national companies.

Energy Sector

F6 Holding is committed to whole-heartedly supporting, developing and adhering to the standards of Saudi Arabia’s National Energy Agenda. Read more.

Investment Services

MADD Investment was established with the goal of forming, developing and advancing long-term business partnerships with F6 Holding’s strategic companies. Read more.

Information and Communication Services

Information technology forms a crucial foundation of any knowledge-based company or national economy. Read more.

Health Services

F6 Group’s MADD/Medical aims to provide services to meet the needs and demands of families in the Kingdom who are considering extracting, storing and securing the umbilical cord blood stem cells from their newborn child.
Read more.

Services Sector

F6 Holding’s MADD/Services was established to provide premier services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of them is Event Management. Hannouch Gulf employs professional event planners, managers and organizers for any kind of event. Read more.